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MikeOldhamTelikin Tip #5: Connecting to the Internet - The Telikin computer is widely recognized as the easy to use computer. Our support agents can help you not only with using....
By: Fred Allegrezza 08/13/12
TelikinTipsTelikin Tip #6: Tips for Setting up Internet Connection - We've put together a few things to keep in mind when setting up your internet connection.
By: Lauren Allegrezza 08/13/12
MikeOldhamTelikin Tip #4: Researching Health Info - One of the many benefits of the computer is having the ability to access information on the internet...
By: Nancy Allegrezza 08/06/12
MikeOldhamTelikin Tip #3: Internet Radio - Summer is a great time for driving in the car, windows rolled down, listening to your favorite radio station, and singing your heart ou...
By: Lauren Allegrezza 07/27/12
MikeOldhamTelikin Tip #2 - Transferring Photos from Cameras and Other Photo Storage Devices - Your digital camera and other USB (Universal Serial Bus) data storage devices
By: Cheryl Lewis 07/18/12
MikeOldhamTelikin Tip #1 - Did you know that your Telikin comes installed with helpful resources for you? The Help Video Tutorials can guide you step by step
By: Lauren Allegrezza 06/29/12