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Mediterranean Coast smVirtual Vacations - It's the middle of the November, which for many folks in the US means winter weather is here! Winter i...
By: Lauren Allegrezza 11/21/13
Muriel at TelikinGetting Grandma Online - Recently, I came across an article on the New York Times by Paula Span about technology and internet adoption among ...
By: Lauren Allegrezza 05/02/13
Old man smiling on couch smSites for Seniors - When I ask people why it is they want a computer, one of the most common answers I hear is, "I'd like to look up...
By: Lauren Allegrezza 04/12/13
Seniors-In-Love-smShare the Love - "Well, ma'am, this is how many people have winked at you, and here's how many people have flirted with you."
By: Lauren Allegrezza 02/14/13
Facebook-blog3 Steps to Get Started on Facebook - Facebook is one of the many social networking websites on the internet. People use these social networking websites to
By: Lauren Allegrezza 07/11/12