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A tribute to my Mother

Author: Nancy Allegrezza

Walking became more difficult. She no longer drove a car and traveling long distances presented challenges. However, she always had a wonderful attitude and she remained as independent as possible until the end.

One of the items that helped my mom stay connected over these years was the Telikin computer. My husband, Fred and I gave my parents one of the first Telikin computers produced back in 2010. They lived 1000 miles away from us at the time and we very much wanted to be able to do video chat, email and share family photos.

Although my parents never used a computer, they quickly became acclimated and enjoyed exploring new things. My dad would play words with friends on Facebook, watch his favorite football team online and Video Chat with different family members. He learned email and much more.

Mom loved getting emails, enjoyed seeing different family photos and cherished talking to all of us children and grandchildren face to face. It expanded her world, even when my dad or the caregivers would have to assist her in using the Telikin. All the favorite photos were proudly displayed on the home screen and new caregivers would ask about the family or the vacation pictures. The caregivers would sit with her and play different computer games.

I am grateful to have had a warm and loving mother. She loved all her family unconditionally and was so proud of our accomplishments. She told me how happy she was that Fred created the Telikin computer. It helped her stay connected to the people she loved.

I want to wish all mother's a Happy Mother's Day.

In memory of my loving mother, Janet.